Things before buying WordPress themes you should know

You might be under the pressure when you want to change the appearance of your website somehow because it’s your business on the internet. No worries anymore, today, WiseGuys will help you how to buy your best fit WordPress theme basing on your idea and branding.

What’s your brand identity?

Yes, why WiseGuys asked you that?

We’re not the copywriters who “cook” the posts from the other authors to make our post. We write for you because you need the right instruction.

You know, if you launch your website quite long time, maybe 1 year, you will have your brand identity, even it’s personal blog or commercial websites. You’re all having brand identity, and the most obvious identity you have is the color of your theme.

The color is the main color that appears across all your site, mostly is on header, heading, titles…you must identify your main color, branding color….It will help you to decide the best WordPress theme suitable for you.

Besides colors, you will have the layout and fonts, they’re also the keys to be considered as your branding identity. You might remember Engadget, the famous online tech magazine used to have the “most popular posts” on their site, which make they stand out from the crowd with other sites. We have the image that shows you that.

Engadget most popular post style

If you’ve identified your branding, let’s go to next step. Else, just comment your site at the comment form, we will help you to point out what’s your brand and main a color, so that it will be easier for you to choose a theme in the future!.

Design & UX of WordPress theme

After having the main color of your site, you will need to think about the design you would have on your site. The design contains a lot of child factor, such as layout, styles…We will show you some right below.


Columns are the spaces that you will have to show your posts, contents on your site. There are many types of layout design, but not to mention the common and popular types such as: fullwidth two columns and 3 columns

You can easily remember if ascription fullwidth as the layout won’t have sidebar, two columns as 1 sidebar and  3 columns as 2 sidebars.

User experience

What’s user experience? (UX)

It’s the process of enhancing user satisfaction by improving the usability, accessibility, and pleasure provided in the interaction between the user and the product


A good design will have the suitable user experience, that mean you will satisfy your visitors by your design, by how you organize the blocks on your site or simplify the order of item on your main menu.

Sometimes, a good design is best for your some client, visitor, but some not, and you must adapt your design to be suitable to your visitors. Here’s the sample by an image will show you that.

Design V.S How users use it

WiseGuys also has a question that why we have to adopt to user experience?. The answer is how they use it. You know, each age, each gender will have different ways to use things, and they will make it easiest for them, like how to open an open bottle cap fastest, what’s the easiest way to install WordPress theme?…etc.

It’s all about convenience, you can create convenience for your visitor, you will make them satisfied.

Understand your visitor, customer

Have you ever put yourself a question that you truly understood your clients?.

Do not purchase the themes you think it’s suitable to YOU. Think about your visitors, customers. Choose the best one for them, if your customer is the old-fashioned, obviously they will not know much about widgets, about feedburner or subscription to email newsletters. Then the simplest theme will be your best choice.

You can use the tracking systems - services as Google Analytics or Facebook Pixel tracking, where they will analyze your visitors, customers. Where they come from, how old they are (mostly, by percentage), what browser they use…By that way, you will have a theme that suits your visitor correspondingly.




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