[WAMP] 2 steps to import large database on Windows

This is just a quick short tutorial that guides you through the importing huge database for WAMP on Windows.

I have searched around; there’s no official instruction to do that, so I made my way.

The first thing you would need is WAMP installed. You can download WAMP here: Download Link

Step by step

First, please open your command prompt (CMD).

Step 1: Navigate to WAMP’s MYSQL folder

Hint 1: My MySQL path and your MySQL path might different. Navigate through Windows Explorer to have accuracy path.

Step 2: Login with root account (blank for default password), and import.

Tip 1: Replace database_to_import with your database name that you want to import to.

Tip 2: You can drag – drop your MySQL (name.sql) file into the command prompt to get the full path.


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