How to install Package Control on Sublime Text

Remember and retyping all functions of WordPress or WooCommerce while developing projects is really struggle, but not anymore. Today WiseGuys will show you how to install package control on sublime text with WordPress’s addon, your life will never easier than today!!.

WiseGuys know that feel…
After digging around, we have found 3 sublime preferences that help us to make functions auto complete in sublime 2 -3

1. Install Package Control

You can check if Package Control is installed on your Sublime Text first, if it’s not installed, you can skip this Part 1.

How to check?

Press shortcut: Ctrl + Shift + P (both Windows and MacOS) and typing Package Control, it’s showing as our image below, you had it.

WiseGuy’s Sublime with Package Control installed.

If your Sublime Text do not have Package Control as image above, here’s how to install it really quick

How to install Package Control on Sublime Text 2-3
To install Package Control for both version 2 and 3, you should follow this step.
  1. Open Sublime Text (2-3)
  2. Press shortcut: Ctrl + `
  3. Paste the corresponding code to console tab
Code for Sublime Text 2

Code for Sublime Text 3

And after installing successfully, you just need to restart your Sublime Text, then Package Control will show, just to be sure, you should check again with shortcut provided at post’s heading.

2. WordPress’s Add-ons package

WordPress packages on Sublime Text
Firstly, we need to talk about WordPress. In WordPress 4.4 currently, we have about 4000 functions and more than 1000 hook, filter in combination. And we have found the sublime auto completion for version 3.7. That mean the package might be old a bit to current wordpress version. Well, better have nothing.

2.1 Word​Press Developer Resources

Sublime Text 2/3 Plugin to search the new WordPress Developer Resources ( or WordPress Codex (legacy) directly from Sublime Text.

Author’s description - tripflex
Yes, it will help you to search functions from Codex right away from Sublime, just quick access to developer’s resurce library.
To install package:
  1. Open Package Control
  2. Search for: WordPress
  3. Selet “WordPress Developer Resosurces” from results
  4. Done


2.2 Word​Press Developer Assistant

 SublimeText 2 / 3 WordPress Bundle is a SublimeText bundle built with the sole purpose of reducing the amount of time spent digging around the WordPress core to look up the little things that we work with every day.
Author’s description
To install package:

2.3 WooCommerce Autocomplete

A Sublime Text 2 library that adds auto-completion capability for WooCommerce 2.4+ functions.

Author’s description - Kloon

To install package:


That’s all package WiseGuys has filterd out, there’s some more such as Genesis package, but it’s quite old, has not been updated for 3 years. We hope we have showed you how to check if your Sublime Text is installed Package Control, how to install Package Control on your Sublime, install WordPress packages for faster development, snippets…

Disclaimer, we are not the author of those plugins for sublime, we just collect and recommend to you. All the packages is found on You can find more interesting package there

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