WooCommerce Point of Sale Plugin

New Year 2016 is coming on its way already, do you have any plan for this New Year? If you are setting up fashion business with e-Commerce store, WooCommerce Point of Sale, a super powerful woocommerce plugin will help you manage your stores easily and effortlessly.

There must be reasons behind this woocommerce plugin so that WiseGuys has to write about it, which do support the necessary functions for your multi-store locations. Let’s find out with its specs.

1. Before you start

We know that you already understood the plugin’s name, what it will do…etc, but there are some things you should know.

WooCommerce point of sale plugin is designed for multi-store business, which means you might need to have 2+ stores with real location, not online store, website. That’s the first criteria to help you use it effeciently.

This WooCommerce extension does not have applications to install on your computers, everything will be stored and based on your WordPress install and products database from your WooCommerce.

You still need to train your staffs, salers to use this, it won’t take long but you must train them before starting applying this system to your store and business.

2. Main functions of

2.1 Sale

Create order easily, quickly and effortlessly

The scenario is that you have stores and staffs will manage those stores. Each time customers buy something, it would be 01 order.

Sale is the main function of WooCommerce Point of Sale, which allows your staff to create orders right on your website, each staff will have an account so you will easily manage sales by staffs.

Everytime customer buy something from your store, staffs will create orders and checkout, complete a session of sale.

2.2 Manage customer (simple CRM)

Instead of managing customers through back-end wp-admin, now you’re able to manage customer at frontend, create, edit customer’s information without changing between tabs on browsers.

This customer management sections will link all customer data to sale department, when staffs create a new order, they can select old customers or create customers and use it in next customer’s orders.

Create customer, manage customer

WiseGuys decided this is simple CRM because with a really strong CRM tool, you must have a lot of information, far from this plugin providing. You must have customer hobby, customer order history, customer prefered colors…etc. Surely the functionals depend on the company’s demand and industry, but with the management above, it’s not enough to be called CRM.

2.3 Order management

With this function, WiseGuys feel like it’s just the review of orders, we do not have much actions for order or management in the comparison with the original order review of WooCommerce in backend.

You only can View detail of order or email, print. Simple tasks for the order management section. We do need more functionals and informations, because the order will let manager know what’s going on and give suitable decision basing on provided info, rather than go somewhere else (wp-admin for example) to get more data. It just take time you know.

You only can take 3 actions as in this picture

2.4 Product Management

If you have looked around for POS solution, you might have read about Smart Manager for WooCommerce & WPeC, POS plugin have ability just like that kind of plugin, but WiseGuys  feel that POS plugin can work faster and lighter.

When you access Product section, it will list all product and load more by AJAX, that make we feel faster, it will show simple products or variable products as the same way.

As the shop owner, your most concern is stock management, by knowing all your stock, which one available, which one low in stock will help you import best selling products or have the suitable promotion programs.

3. Limitations

As you know, when you go to super markets, at checkout, staffs can use barcode scanner to add products to “cart” easily and then checkout for you. With this plugin, you can’t do that, as it’s not an APP, where have different programming environment between Web APP and Native Apps.

There’s also limitation in stock management as we mentioned above, it’s not good enough to have a quick look and report about stock management.

At the checkout step of plugin, we do not have much choice about shipping. You might in the situation that your customer at rush and you have to ship that order to customer address. That would take time to add extra fees instead of select pre-configuared shipping methods.

4. Conclusion for this woocommerce plugin

There’s no dout about this free plugin (author offer PRO version too), with no cost, you can easily enable your staffs selling products by web apps instead of native app that installed on your computer.

But everything has its price, with free version, you will be limited in some aspects, where you can take a look at author’s page. But to WiseGuys, author has made good stuff for WooCommerce community, and you too, if you’re interesting in simple POS system, you will want to try this woocommerce plugin.

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