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It’s so exciting to see that Automatic is taking WordPress to the higher level of experience with new APP for MAC OS with code name “Calypso“.

In this post, we will not talk about coding structures or how it’s made, just the overview of Calypso APP and our thoughts.

Let’s look backward


Windows Live Writer - Now memory only!

I still remember when WordPress was at version 2.4, while people were talking about WordPress as blogging platform only. At that time, if you want to post something to your WordPress website right on your computer, you need to use external or 3rd services, and most of the WordPress users chose Windows Live Writer (WLW) or Movable.

You can also install some “plugins” for WLW which will enable you to have some more functions for WLW, like featured images, library managers…

But from time to time, WLW’s defeated and forgotten by other newly emerging services like ManageWP, InfinityWP. With more functionals and convenience, these services become the essential toolpack for bloggers, managers or shop owners that have more than 1 WordPress installation.

WordPress Calypso - Here’s Present and Future

WordPress Calypso - To the future!!!

Back to present, with the formal application just released from Automatic, it’s quite exciting and eager to see how Calypso changes the way we will use WordPress in the next several years. So, what’s WordPress Calypso?

WordPress Calypso is an application for MAC OSX (support MAC OS 10.7 or newers version), which will enable you to manage ALL your WordPress sites, either on WordPress.com or self-hosted WordPress.org site.

As an multi-site blogger and other business related to WordPress, I truly understand how hard to get all the things sorted out, as well as I’m a lazy guy (damn true), so I always find a best and shortest way to do stuff like posting a new article, customizing themes or installing new plugins. But I can barely do those stuffs in a fast and effective way.

With WordPress Calypso, I can do all that things without opening a window of browser, everything just contained in an application, it only takes you 2-3 minutes to get all the first setups completed and ready to use. Then the next step is using WordPress as normal, from posting newly article or updating plugins…etc. Woohooo, your life would be the greatest ever!.

What Calypso does not offer

At the time I’m writing this, lover of Odysseus is at version 1.0.1, the first update of Calypso (not sure I’m the first one to get it updated or not), you can see the benefits that this application would offer you at the previous parts.

After taking time to try and experience Calypso, we’re experiencing some troubles with this lady, not the kind as Odysseus did, but still the trouble.

Post type not available

You know that most of the themes we buy from markets such as Themeforest or Mojo-themes, the author will create some post types coming along with themes, like “products”, “feedbacks”, “portfolio”…

So at the moment, if you want to switch to Calypso to manage all your sites, you will find it disappointing a bit.

Inconsistant at post & page management

Yes, sad but true, if you’re using WordPress.org, you will be able to find your drafts, pending review posts, pages easily - but Calypso doesn’t.

If your post is not published, you will not able to find it at Posts menu, you need to press on “Start” to write an article and then click on “Drafts”, then select your draft posts to continue editing.

It’s the mis-match when you have no post published, this bar will appear blank, here’s how it looks:

The blank bar at the top appear when you have no post published

Still when you don’t have any post published, but you ALREADY have drafts or trashed post, it still appear blank like that, while it should look like this:

Hope Automatic developers will fix it soon

No theme options and live customization

It’s not a good news too, you won’t find your theme options on the left sidebar on Calypso as you see on your WP-ADMIN. It will be hard for you to manage or just want to change something on your theme options.

In my opinion, developers that have been forced to make their theme MUST HAVE Customizer, or else, their theme won’t be accepted to repo. With that move, Automatic certainly will implement customizer right on Calypso.

Metabox is not here - arh snappp!

So, what’s metabox? Metabox is the general name for all kinds of additional boxes, which will appear on your post page editor. It serves multipurpose, from layout setting to Yoast SEO box, using Metabox, some “metabox”  helps you imagine more easily.

WordPress Metabox - Demo from YOAST SEO

And if having no supported Metabox, you can not use famous plugin like Yoast SEO, the themes have metabox or Visual Composer. What then?!

As I strongly believe that all the famous plugins will find a way to include their functions into WordPress Calypso, it would not be another plugin apart from Calypso to be installed on your computer. Since Automatic already built the DOCX portal, developers will be able to improve their plugins, themes and make it compatiable with WP-Calypso, just the matter of time to get there!.

Final words

At this stage, version 1.0.1 just the way Automatic probes the reaction of users to Calypso, they definitely have the roadmap for this awesome APP, and as Matt - CEO of Automatic:

This is a beginning, not an ending. Better things are yet to come, as all of you dig in.

Matt Mullenweg - Automatic CEO

We will see the improvement from WordPress for Calypso in the future, either it will be paid plan services or free for like, we’re all waiting for that!.

We asked ourselves, What we think about Calypso at the moment?. Well, nothing more than a tool to manage posts and pages remotely, keep your WordPress website updated, that’s all.

But we imagined how it would be useful for our writers, who don’t need to concern about metabox or options…etc.They’re just  writing and publishing to review, while reviewer will put the SEO keywords, bold the keywords or so. It will change the whole system and keep writers, even you focus on what you’re doing and writing or not. Let’s think when you write on browser, you will be distracted by facebook notifications, emails, chats, invitations…etc. With this APP, I can see it improve my concentration a lot.

In the view of business, you might know that we currently have the services like ManageWP or InfinityWP to do the same thing as WordPress Calypso doing. I think that this lady will be a threat to all that services on the market, or it would be a challenge too, if they want to continue running business, they have to improve better and better than Calypso, from now. To the end, the end-users like us will have more benefits, let’s wait.

What do you think about WordPress Calypso at this stage? Did I miss something?, let’s share us buddy.


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