How to create great employee information form

In a small business, managing employees seems to be easy. Human resource department can collect data one by one. However, what about a bigger business or a corporation with hundreds or thousands of employees? How can human resource department gather all information? It may take a huge time.

What will you do to save time and money on getting all the information? With the development of technology, all information will be filled in Employee Information Form.

What is an Employee Information Form?

Employee Information Form provides core data on employees that can be used to manage who worked for the company, when, and in what positions. With information, if there is an emergency situation at the workplace, for example, it will be helpful to contact the relatives of the employees.

In an effort to help streamline the personnel transaction submission process, the Employees Information Form has been implemented to take the place of previous traditional methods of transaction submission. This e-form will allow users to submit all personnel transactions in an electronic format by having the user enter specific information.

When will this Form be used?

Actually, we don’t exactly when we need information. Therefore, it is better than we have to collect the data as part of the new employee onboarding process. The sooner, the better.

What do we need in an Employee Information Form?

Depending on the purpose of your company, you may have some distinct detail. I only list basic information.

1. Personal information

a.  Full Name

b. Address and Phone number

c. Email

d. Birthday & Marriage Status

2. Job information

a. Job title

b. Work email/phone

c. Employee ID

d. Department

e. Location

f. Start Date

g. Salary

Here is a sample I made for your reference.

(An example of Employee Information Form)

How to create Employees Information Form?

At this time, you will wonder that how can I create the form. Am I an expert in coding? I can answer truthfully that I have no idea about coding. However, I still create a professional form.

How can I do that? To create an Employees Information Form, you need to install and use the Frontend Submit Pro. Very simple to use with flexible form fields. Just drag & drop, no coding required.

Why do I use Frontend Submit Pro to create Employees Information Form over than any other software?

I have thousands of reasons why I love Frontend Submit Pro

First of all, Frontend Submit Pro works great on WordPress platform. But you could ask me that there are any other plugins for WordPress like WP Forms, Contact Form 7, Ninja Form, what makes Frontend Submit Pro different?

Like I said several times, it doesn’t require coding. If you are beginner or expert in coding, it is easy to use Frontend Submit Pro. You are flexible to create any form you want for your business. The only thing you can do is dragging and dropping.

In case, your employees want to upload their CV, what will they do? Don’t worry! Frontend Submit Pro will assist you. It allows users to upload the files and save it to WP-Uploads. You can use WordPress’s uploader or just basic browser’s uploader. It’s up to you.

You can set multiple conditional logic with smart compare system such as AND/OR.

Moreover, when any employees submit their information, you can easily get the notification thanks to the email notification from Frontend Submit Pro. You can select to email the submitter in to let them know you got his submission.

You completely create your unique form with many fields supported by Frontend Submit Pro.

If you still hesitate Frontend Submit Pro, just take some examples of Employees Information Forms


Please remember that don’t ask for information that could potentially be used to discriminate against an employee. This includes information on race, religion, disabilities, and nationality.


If your company doesn’t want to waste time to gather information of employees, it’s time to make it easier by using employees information form created by Fronted Submit Pro

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