Top 6 Multipurpose Forms Plugins On WordPress - 2018 Updated

If you need visitor information on your website, you need a contact form to do that

Your event will be held soon. You need to collect the data of the participants to arrange the event more particularly

How can you do that? The answer is an event online registration form

Your company needs new talented candidates. A thousand of candidates CV can make your human resources department overwhelmed.

Your company wants a CV submission on the website so that candidates can submit their CV on it.

A well-developed form offers your site a professional outside and your job will be completed in an easy and convenient way.

No matter what kind of your website is, you need forms to help streamline your online communication.

Some WordPress themes integrate with built-in forms. However, it is better to create your own forms with plugins since you can adjust the appearance, add any extra files. You take all total control over your forms.

There is a range of free and premium form plugins which have various features. But it importantly depends on your demand. You have to determine what you need before deciding to use any form plugins.

Here are top 6 form plugins which are worth to use on WordPress.

User Frontend Submit PRO

Top 6 Multipurpose Forms Plugins On WordPress - 2018 Updated

This plugin is drag and drop interface with flexible form fields. You can create many forms depending on your need even you don’t know anything about coding.

You can create and monetize your site with membership thanks to Frontend Submit PRO.

In addition, it is integrated with PayPal and Stripe one-page check-out. Therefore, payment on your website is more convenient.

The author also implemented the feature that takes advantage of WooCommerce Payment Gateways to receive the payment. So you can use all the available payment gateway available for WooCommerce to receive money, instead of the Paypal and Stripe only.

The great feature of Frontend Submit Pro is allowing you to upload the files and save it to WP-Uploads. Hence, your candidates can submit their CV to your website easily

Furthermore, you can create subscribe form to MailChimp, AWeber, Responding, ManDrill and so on.

Obviously, you won’t miss any entry submission when the plugin send you each email whenever someone makes the submission. For this feature, your company will not miss any talent candidates.

If you consider any form plugin, it is the first one you have to think.

WP Forms

WPForms is among the most beginner friendly WordPress form plugins.

For the beginner, it is a great forms plugin to start with as it doesn’t have complex features that some others form plugins bring.

There are two versions of WP Forms. WP Form Lite is free and the premium one lets you increase functionality and build multi-page forms.

Gravity Forms

The most popular form plugin. It is revealed that this plugin is used on 53 percent (53%) of the top million sites ranked by Alexa using hosted forms.

What makes Gravity Forms become so popular?

First of all, Gravity Forms allows you to design and build your own forms through doing an intuitive forms editor. This process contains multi-page forms, custom settings, limit entries and schedule forms, standard and advanced fields, pricing and post fields.

Plus, Gravity Forms can work with MailChimp, PayPal, Survey and other services with add-ons available

Although it costs $39 a year, Gravity Forms offers a personal license and support. The forms and entries are unlimited.

Contact Form 7

Being opposed to Gravity Forms, Contact Form 7 is free with more than 18 million downloads in WordPress Plugin Repository.

Why more and more people use Contact Form 7?

No doubt Contact Form 7 is easy to use. You can customize forms and mail content in a flexible way with HTML.

Contact Form 7, additionally support Ajax-powered submitting, CAPTCHA and Akismet spam filtering.

Ninja Forms

You can create any forms and email collection you need on your site.

Features of  Ninja Forms are

  • Optional Ajax
  • New Form Preview Mode
  • Styling and Layout Options
  • Import and Export Options
  • Anti-Spam Filed
  • Re-usable Fields
  • Customizable Field Options
  • Lots of Hooks and Filters

The plugin is free, but if you want add-ons, you have to pay for them.

Formidable Forms

Formidable Forms allows you to create and build your own wonderful forms quickly and easily.

You can be able to save all responses to the database for future reports, retrieval, and display.


Actually, each form has its pro and cons. Deciding the best form plugins varies based on your need and their outstanding features.

If you’re a beginner and don’t want to waste money, you can choose WPForms

In case, you’re a developer, just go with Gravity Forms for more complex forms

If you want to save time when you build advanced custom filed pro with complex fields groups, then go with Frontend Submit Pro

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