Tips to Boost Revenue on Your eCommerce Store

How to boost revenue on shoe eCommerce website?

Straight to the point, are you tired of promotions, popups, banners, email marketings….etc?

You have done a lot of things but the sales just keep going in the straight line?

So, have you ever think that you just need to change the way to sell the products, then the sales will bloom?

Today, the ideas will be dedicated and applied to your shoe shop niche. This niche will be applied to:

  • Shoe shop owner
  • Affiliate marketer (Amazon, eBay, Esty, Teespring, Alibaba, Aliexpress…)
  • Dropshipper.

Sell in packs (bundles) and the core idea

People have 2 things in common, lazy and greedy.

For lazy, you can show your customer the fastest way to add the product to cart, i.e Add to cart button on the shop page, the home page shows the featured product, right away, no slide, no banners…?

So, how about the greedy customers? Then you sell all-in-one pack, or we can call it as product bundle.

Product bundles are a great way to boost sales at every level. A package is a combination of complementary products sold in the form of a unit.

Still not clear what it is? Take a look at the examples below.

Selling Shoes in the bundle.

A bundle can simply be a combination of two complementary products. Your customers can buy a pair of sneakers with socks or shoelace or both.

Sneaker Demo

The demo is created with WordPress and ACF For WooCommerce Plugins

You see in the example above right?

Instead of selling the socks and shoelace in the different product pages, you will sell them all at once, here.

Why would do that will boost your sales? Then remember this.

  • People, in the general, will not know what you’re providing, till you show them. So, let them know you have shoelace, will increase the chance you get an order with a shoelace pair.
  • The truism is nobody wears a sneaker without socks, then show your customers the socks that dedicated to that shoes, they will believe you and buy.

Shoes - Oxford

Never let your new customer go away without buying.

No need to prove you’re the best, but you have to be an expert.

A new customer who wants to buy a pair of Oxford, will not know what’s right brush for their shoes.

They also do not know that shoes, should be worn with which socks, which colors…

Then you provide all the things that should be used along with your main product.

And if you’re the expert in their mind, you definitely will have the recurring customer.

You can do something like this, a combo, you make the combo for your customer, they just buy.

High Heels

Hey, Ladies, it’s time to have fun shopping.

Women often prefer beauty and cleanliness and like shopping more than men.

Why don’t you combine cleaning accessories on one page?


You have cleaning shoes and waterproofing to sell. Like two demo above, you can sell them at this high hell page.

But wait, what if your customers want to buy both? It is easy, just create combo cleaning

More bundles, more customers, and obviously more sales.

Your customers, especially ladies will love it and are willing to pay more as long as they feel comfortable because they know that it is good for their high heels.

Making more combos to let them know they have many options to choose and they have right to do that.

How to make extra product option for WooCommerce Store?

At this time, you are wondering how to make your site impressive and can attract customers like three examples above.

We have used the combo of plugin WooCommerce and Advanced Custom Field for WooCommerce.

Your job is just to drag and drop on and combine one product to another. WooCommerce and ACF for WooCommerce will do the rest.

So with easy steps above,  you can completely finish creating your custom field to increase your sales within few minutes or you can watch full instruction video here.


There will be more and more competitors daily. If you don’t have to find a way to customize your website to attract customers, you definitely lose.

Making your website unique and you can catch up the demand of customers, your sales will increase incredibly.

Try this and see the difference!

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