10 Best Free WooCommerce WordPress Plugins

In this post, WP Wiseguys will list 10 best free WooCommerce WordPress plugins that you can use in your WooCommerce projects to enhance the usability of your blog or website.

Themes and plugins are used to give a WordPress website that is based on WooCommerce a whole new set of features and looks that means a better experience for the user of the WooCommerce website.

Free WooCommerce WordPress Plugins


1. MailPoet Newsletter

This plugin comes with beautiful themes which can be easily customized using its drag and drop feature. Adding a post in the newsletter is very easy. Just drag and drop ‘WordPress Post’ in the theme and select your post from the list. You can upload an image to add it in the newsletter. A good number of font settings are provided to change the style of text and the background of the newsletter. Now, you can send your newsletter to your subscribers. You can easily see what percent of open, clicks and unsubscribers are received by the newsletter.

All these amazing features are available in the free version of this plugin. The free version, however, can send a newsletter to 2000 subscribers only. To send newsletter to more number of subscribers, you can purchase the premium version of this plugin. Moreover, the premium version also provides detailed stats for each newsletter and subscriber. In addition to this, you can also do a comparison of newsletters and subscribers.

2. Pushover – Push notifications for Android and IOS

SMS is a thing of the past and real-time notifications are what differentiate the present from the past.

This WooCommerce WordPress plugin allows you to send push notifications related to your WooCommerce website stock and information about the stock – if it’s low, back ordered or even depleted.

You can get information about sales that you have made on your WooCommerce website and other inventory related information on your Android or IOS device that you have and this is one of the fastest ways to get information about it.

3. Accepted Payment Methods

One of the major confusions about shopping online is the way you can pay on a website. Thankfully, this WordPress WooCommerce plugin allows you to mention the payment methods that you allow and accept on your WooCommerce based websites.

This plugin will add one of those neat credit card providers and other payment options logo wherever you want to imply the methods and means that you accept for payment on your WooCommerce based website.

4.  Page Builder by SiteOrigin


This is one of the best and freely available WordPress page builders plugins that you can use. You can use this builder with any theme you want and you will still be able to create pages that are not only good-looking, but also responsive.

This will allow you to work with the WordPress widgets available on your WordPress website so using this will be a breeze. The live editing feature will let you edit and see the content on the widgets in real-time which is a great thing. You can track the changes you made with the history browser and you can easily roll back a change you don’t need.

5. YouTube Gallery Plugin

If you are looking for a plugin that just does the job of displaying videos from a channel in the sidebar of your blog, then go to the plugin you should use. All you need to do to use this plugin is activating it, then going to Widgets and dragging and dropping the plugin wherever you want the widget to show up. Not only that, but you can also display this widget on a post or a page by just using a shortcode.

This plugin will display the main thumbnail of the video. It works on the YouTube iFrame API and hence serves videos in an HTML5 player which mean it is also compatible with mobile devices.

6. WooCommerce Product Gift Wrap


Many big retailers like Amazon etc. allow the customers to choose a gift-wrap option in case they are sending the product to someone as a gift. Who doesn’t like an option of having a gift wrapping a product while checking out with some product online?

This WordPress plugin will add the same functionality to your WooCommerce website, and you can also set an extra price for this additional service that you are providing to your customers.

The gift wrapping option will also be selected in the order details including the additional cost while checking out.

7. Booster for WooCommerce


This free WooCommerce plugin for WordPress adds a number of features to your WooCommerce based website like bulk price converter, change currency and rates as per country, add to cart labels, mini cart and a lot more.

This one plugin has the potential to help you get rid of many plugins that do a single thing at once. This plugin provides you a suite of great features that are also a great addition to your WooCommerce website.

8. WooCommerce Email Inquiry & Cart Options

This free WooCommerce plugin for WordPress works on the basis of Rules that you set with this. You can show different add-to-cart buttons and set rules for displaying the same for users that are not logged in.

You can also setup an email inquiry form that allows a user to send an email using the responsive email inquiry form and then looking at these queries you can reply to them in a satisfactory manner.

9. WooCommerce Bulk Product Discounts

Want to run some offers on your WooCommerce based WordPress stores?

This WP plugin allows you to add some discounts to the products that you have preset. You can preset the number of units you can provide discounts on, say you can provide discounts on just 15 units on a product, and hence you can easily do that with this plugin. The discount is shown on the product page, email receipt as well as at checkout.

10. WooCommerce Video Product Tab

If images are worth a thousand words, we are sure that videos are worth at least ten thousand words if not more.

This plugin allows you to do what the name suggests. You can add the videos related to the product on the product page of this plugin. The video is added inside a tab so it doesn’t disrupt the look of the product page at all.


These are 10 best and free WooCommerce plugins for WordPress that you can use on your website to enhance the usability and features of the WordPress based store you are running.

Stay tuned for more such articles in the future that will help you to create amazing website for your visitors.


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